This is an archived version of the 2020 edition of UXLx. The current event website is at

19 to 22 May 2020

Conference Status:
Going Ahead

UXLx is taking place in a little over two months and we understand our attendees are concerned if it’s still taking place. We’re following WHO and our government’s recommendations for travel and events, and we’re hoping the situation is cleared by the time of the event dates, so we’re still going ahead.

The safety of our speakers and attendees is of paramount importance and we won’t proceed with a physical event if there are still risks at the time. In the meantime we are also looking at alternate ways to create an engaging event online, if needed, as a last resort.

Any changes to this status will be sent to the attendees directly by email and also updated here.


  • Robert Fabricant
    Co-Founder & Partnerat Dalberg Design

    Fabricants are makers. Robert Fabricant is an award-winning product designer who has worked at the forefront of technology and user experience for more than 25 years. He has made everything from interactive environments and virtual worlds to medical devices, in-car navigation systems and civic services that reach millions of people in emerging markets. Robert recently made a book, User Friendly.

  • Joe Macleod
    Founderof And End

    Joe Macleod’s career has spanned the leading web, telecoms and App companies, where he led teams and built a variety of successful products. Most recently as Head of Design at the award-winning digital product studio Ustwo - famed for the game Monument Valley. Here he built the design team into a globally recognised success, working with the world’s favourite brands on some of the best products.

  • Marianne Sweeny
    Principal Consultantat Daedalus Information Systems

    Marianne Sweeny is a Search Information architect (an IA that has strong SEO, UX and content strategy chops). She has applied this unique skill set at digital marketing agencies for the last 10 years. Most recently for a cross discipline internal agency for BrightEdge, a content marketing SAAS company, where she works with Fortune 500 companies and smaller clients as well.

  • Alison Coward
    Founderof Bracket

    Alison Coward is the founder of consulting agency Bracket, helping teams to work better together. She works across corporates, agencies, start-ups, charities and public institutions, and her client list includes Google, Channel 4, Etsy, D&AD and Barclaycard.
    Alison is a strategist, trainer, coach and workshop facilitator and the author of A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops.

  • Torrey Podmajersky
    UX Writerat Google

    Torrey Podmajersky uses her experience doing UX writing and content strategy for Xbox, Microsoft education, OfferUp, and now Google, to help her create great experiences with and for a broad range of people.

    She has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and a Masters in Curriculum Instruction, and has done freelance fiction writing, home health care work, high-power rocketry, marketing communications, high-school science teaching, and 9 years of UX writing.

    Her best-selling book Strategic Writing for UX was published by O’Reilly Media in mid-2019.

  • Adam Polansky
    Principal Experience Architectat Bottle Rocket Studios

    Adam Polansky works in Dallas, Texas at Bottle Rocket Studios. The office walls are 80% whiteboard and on those walls the concepts for major hotel chains, international airlines, fast-food giants and large healthcare providers were born. As a Lead Experience Design Strategist, Adam connects business objectives with the things real humans want and need to do and defining great outcomes to satisfy both. For more info, you can follow Adam on on Twitter @adamtheia

  • Katie Briggs
    Senior Product Designerat NPR

    Katie Briggs is a senior product designer at NPR. She has led design and user research for experimental initiatives on various digital platforms. Briggs works to find better ways to make research more accessible, valuable and collaborative. She is passionate about sharing what she's learned with other UX experts so they can also foster a culture of data-driven decision making at their organizations.

  • Nicholas Kelly
    Director of Visual Analytics

    Nick has built a career on gaining business insight from data. He is a hands-on leader and dashboard consultant in analytics with over 16 years of international experience spanning management consulting, analytics, data visualization and user experience. Nick is an experienced management consultant, having implemented analytics projects and strategies spanning small to medium business all the way up to the Global Fortune 100.

  • Krystal Higgins
    Senior Interaction Designer

    Krystal Higgins is a senior interaction designer who helps connect people, products, and systems. An area she’s been working on for years, and is extremely passionate about, is the onboarding and guidance of new and existing users. She shares techniques for creating better onboarding experiences with designers around the world, authors a blog of onboarding advice, and maintains a repository of first time user experiences as reference.

  • Sabrina Tarquini
    UX and Service Designer

    Sabrina is a designer at Namahn, a human-centred design agency based in Brussels, Belgium. In her practice, she moves between the domains of service and UX design, working across corporations, public institutions, and NGOs. Her special interest in complexity brought her to the emerging field of systemic design. She has been contributing to the development of a methodology for it, along with a toolkit for participatory sessions.

  • Kathryn Campbell
    Director of Research & Insights at Live Nation/Ticketmaster

    Kathryn Campbell created and now leads the UX and marketing research insights team at Ticketmaster North America. She specializes in showing organizations how to effectively integrate user insights into product strategy and design.Kathryn has worked with organizations ranging from lean startups to global leaders, museums to banks, in both B2C and B2B marketplaces. Her goal is to make the world a more delightful place, one experience at a time.

  • Scott Sullivan
    Partnerat the Applied Design and Economics Group

    Scott is a partner at the Applied Design and Economics Group (ADE) in the United States, and helps to build products and services that operate seamlessly in people’s lives to assist people in making positive long-term changes. Scott has authored several publications on UX and the digital world, including editorial for Fast Company and a book, Designing for Wearables: Effective UX for Current and Future Devices.

  • John Whalen
    Founderof Brilliant Experience

    John Whalen is Partner, Psychological Insights & Innovation at Brilliant and author of Designing for How People Think: Using Brain Science to Build Better Products (O'Reilly). While his PhD in Cognitive Psychology helps him to dive deep into the minds of customers, it is John's unique blend of psychology, design thinking, and lean methodologies that delivers success to mission-critical innovation projects.

  • Majid Iqbal
    Special Advisorat Ministerie van Defensie

    Majid is an expert on implementing policy and strategy through the designs of services. He is a special advisor at the Defense Materiel Organization (DMO), within the Dutch Ministry of Defense. He leads a team developing new thinking and tooling, using which teams in government can more boldly execute on their missions. Majid is also co-founder of similar unit called XLAB at the RVO.NL within the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate.

  • Flaminia Del Conte
    Strategic & Service Designerat Sketchin

    Flaminia is a service designer with extensive experience in qualitative research and agile prototyping. She is currently part of the team at Sketchin in Rome where she designs and delivers digital experiences aligning customer needs, business priorities and organizational capabilities. Besides working as a designer she teaches at UX Master at Talent Garden, organizes Global Service Jams around Europe and participates in initiatives to support gender equality.

  • Carolyn Hou
    Founderof Arlo Labs

    Carolyn Hou is the Founder of Arlo Labs, a boutique insight and innovation consultancy for healthcare and tech companies. Applying methods and theories from cultural anthropology, social psychology, and behavioral economics, Hou helps companies better understand and design for their users.

  • Phillip Hunter
    Product Management and Design Leader

    Phillip is a technology product design leader with over 20 years of successful experience. He’s played pivotal roles in consumer voice and multimodal applications at Amazon Alexa, [24]7 AI, Microsoft Cortana, and four start-ups. Phillip also led product design efforts for Amazon Web Services and other enterprise software products.

  • Austin Govella
    Experience Directorat Avanade

    Austin Govella has helped the world’s largest and smallest organizations build better products and services for over 20 years. Austin combines UX with agile and shares his experience at conferences like SXSW, Agile, Big Design, and others. He leads Experience Design at Avanade’s Houston studio cross-functional teams design and develop websites, workplace tools, and mobile apps. His experience includes product teams, consulting, B2B, B2C, and the non-profit sector.

  • Martina Hodges-Schell
    Founderof Northshore

    Martina helps organisations become more customer-centric and helps them develop the culture, teams and practices to innovate and deliver outstanding products.
    She co-authored “Communicating the UX Vision” to help cross-disciplinary teams communicate and collaborate better, coaches start-ups and emerging leaders, and teaches user-centered design at the University of London.

  • Jason Mesut
    Design Partner at Group of Humans

    Jason helps people and organisations navigate uncertain futures. He is a Design Partner at Group of Humans, a Director at Resonant Design and Innovation and a local leader for IxDA London. He has spent 20 years working in design and User Experience at some of largest and most respected agencies within the UK.

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